Jersey: the Septic Isle

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As Nick Shaxson reports on his Treasure Islands blog, Rico Sorda, a ‘rebel’ Jersey blogger, has noted a statement by UK MP John Hemming saying:

“There is a country where there are allegations that crimes by powerful people are not being investigated and prosecuted. A journalist has been refused entry to stop reporting about an issue. The chief of police has been suspended to stop him investigating crimes. Bloggers are being threatened to stop them talking about people. Decisions by the state not to prosecute cannot be challenged, nor is private prosecution allowed. The country is Jersey.”

For the avoidance of any doubt, that is the UK Channel Island tax haven of Jersey, or as Private Eye calls it, the Septic Isle. Hemming outlines the specifics, underneath. And Britain is responsible for the good governance of this place. If you don’t believe Hemming, or think he’s exaggerating, see here or here or here or here. Just for instance. Or this, or this, or . . .

And you will find similar stories in tax havens, around the world.