Peter Oborne: there’s a “very strong moral case” for paying tax

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This is from Christian Today:

Telegraph journalist Peter Oborne says tax dodgers should be named and shamed.

Speaking at a debate at Christ Church Spitalfields, Peter Oborne said: "People and companies who don’t pay tax should be shamed.

"I believe as citizens and as political beings on the left or the right that we have a duty to shame companies that don’t pay their taxes, that don’t fulfill their civic duties."

The debate was organised by Christian Aid and Church Action on Poverty as part of their nationwide Tax Justice Bus tour.

Mr Oborne said he supported the Tax Justice campaign because there was a "very strong moral case" for paying tax.

"I absolutely believe that we belong to a community. We’re all in this together, as the Prime Minister has said," he said.

He continued: "We have an interest in the welfare of our fellow citizens. Just from a nakedly capitalist point of view, you want well trained employees that have received a good education, a good transport system and health services."

Absolutely right.

And tonight I get my go when I join a panel for Christian Aid for a Tax Question Time at the Unitarian Church, Cambridge. Come and join the Christian Aid Tax Justice Bus Tour: