If you want to support Michael Meacher’s General Anti-Tax Avoidance Principle Bill this is what to do

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I'm grateful to the Rev David Haslam of the Methodist Tax Justcie Network for the following suggested letter (which I have amended a little for more general use) that he has asked members of his network to send to their MPs ahead of Friday's hearing for Michael Meacher's General Anti-Tax Avoidance Principle Bill:


Dear (insert MP's name)

General Anti-Tax Avoidance Principle Bill (HC Bill 25)

I understand that this Bill, in the name of Michael Meacher MP, is to come before the Commons on Friday.

There is a growing sense of grievance and indeed outrage that many in our national community, both businesses and individuals, are dodging paying their due amount of tax. This is leading to insufficient funds in the exchequer, for example to maintain benefits for disabled people - cuts to items such as the disability allowance would be a scandal in the aftermath of the highly successful Paralympics.

I believe in Tax Justice, believing that tackling tax abuse, whether it be tax avoidance or tax evasion, is a desperately-needed global economic reform. I also strongly support the phasing out of tax ‘havens’, which the wealthy use to avoid their tax responsibilities. This Bill will greatly aid that process by hindering the opportunity for people from this country to use such places.

Please would you support this Bill and let me know your views on this vital topic?

Sincerely, etc.


You can find who your MP is and how to contact them here. There's also an email submission service on that link.

Thanks if you can do this.