The New Home Front

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Caroline Lucas and a team that seems to have a fair number of the Green New Deal group in it have published The New Home Front this morning.

The publication does, of course, conincide with the Green Party Conference. Sponsored by Caroline Lucas, she has said of The New Home Front:

In wartime, government engaged the brightest and the best minds, and the most practical of people in meeting the pressing challenges that faced the nation. Today we are told that there is no alternative to the path that the coalition government is currently following The reality, I believe, couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a myriad of innovative, practical policy proposals waiting to be put to work. That is why I have asked a range of leading thinkers and practitioners for their suggestions of what could be done. This collection is by no means exhaustive, it is not a comprehensive plan, but it is an illustration of just a few of the wide range of proposals that might be implemented if the courage of government matched the will and imagination of the people of Britain.

I have to say, I agree with Caroline, and that's after ignoring  my own contribution.