An international tax lawyers response to the TUC Kerching report is ‘make the UK a tax haven’

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I've been highlighting the TUC's new tax abuse report this morning - called 'Kerching'.

As a result I was amused to get an email from a PR Agency representing the Milestone tax practice. That email said:

I hope you will be interested in the following expert comments from international tax lawyer Miles Dean, Founder of Milestone International Tax Partners, who believes that the TUC are somewhat behind the times.

“The TUC appear to be somewhat behind the times. Why don’t they look beyond the UK and see what other countries are doing? Look at Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, US, Canada — they all give tax breaks to wealthy foreigners to welcome them to their shores.

“It’s dead easy to say “close all the loopholes” but this typifies the gross ignorance of people pontificating about tax. If the TUC want people to take them seriously, why don’t they list the loopholes (specifically referring to the legislation) in question?”

Actually, we did say precisely what loopholes we wanted shut: see here, but let's not worry about the fact that Mr Dean clearly couldn't make it to the last page of Kerching and instead note that his solution to tax havens is - to turn the UK into a tax haven! What a stroke of genius from the founder of a firm that describes itself as:

a boutique international tax practice established in Mayfair, London. The team comprises young, dynamic lawyers who have specialised in international tax throughout their careers.

With a focus on multi-jurisdictional corporate transactions, we provide commercially driven tax solutions that are tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of each client.

We have extensive knowledge of a number of tax systems. Through our understanding of trends and developments in anti-avoidance laws, double tax treaties and EU directives, together with many years of experience in international planning concepts and techniques, we deliver an expert, value-added service from start to finish.

Do you think from this that they might already be pretty heavily committed to tax havens? And might their location in Mayfair - the heart of non-dom Britain - suggest some bias on this issue when the TUC has very specifically suggested that rule be abolished? Surely not......