With Ryan now running for Veep we’ll hear much more of his politics of hatred here in the UK

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I note this morning that the Guardian are saying of Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate:

Murdoch described Ryan, the most right-wing of the candidates on Romney's vice-presidential shortlist, as "almost perfect".

The choice of words is telling. Read this Washington Post article by Ezra Klein. What Murdoch calls almost perfect is a full frontal assault on pensioners, women, students and the entire architecture  government itself - all intended to make the likes of Murdoch very much richer and more powerful.

But what's really bizarre is just how mad (I use the word advisedly) the whole Ryan plan is. OK, I've been influenced by Paul Krugman on Ryan, but any reasonable observer could note just how bizarre his views are. As, I hope, will the American people. Firstly that's because Ryan proposes cuts that make Osborne look timid - and anyone with eyes to see can observe that Osborne is shredding our economy to bits. Second, as the Guardian editorial notes:

Even if cuts on the Ryan scale could be carried off without immediately killing the economy, they would very likely end in the deaths of many poor Americans. The US already has the highest infant mortality in the rich world, and the Ryan plan would further shred the medical safety net. It would trash American science, hurt veterans and even affect theRepublicans' cherished military.

I'm quite sure they meant to say people would die because of Paul Ryan. They will.

They already are dying because of what the Tories are doing here. By reducing services, increasing homelessness, cutting assistance for the disabled  and more the Tories are guaranteeing that death for some who are vulnerable inevitably follows. Let's not pretend otherwise. That's what is and will happen. And that's not chance. In the social Darwinism of the right the poor aren't fit to survive. That is what they think.

With Ryan now running for Veep we'll hear much more of this madness here in the UK now, but have no doubt what it means: this is an attack on the poor, the old, the young, women, the disabled and minorities of all sorts. This is an attack on the 99% by the 1%. This is class warfare, but it's worse than that: this sort of politics of hatred (for that's what it is) is an attack on everything of value in the interests of concentrating cash in the hands of a few.

Ryan's selection will encourage those driven by hate for ordinary people.

We'll just have to fight back.