The New Wilberforce Alliance

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I have just signed up to The New Wilberforce Alliance, which says of itself:

The New Wilberforce Alliance is a movement of individuals and organisations which seeks to free the world from the modern-day slavery caused by the culture of greed and the damage it does to others, ourselves and our planet.

We campaign for a renewal and reformation in personal, corporate and national values. We will adopt the techniques of non-violent resistance used by Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

We advocate radical new public policies aimed at dissolving our culture of ME, MORE, NOW and supporting one in which life is focused much more on BEING, RELATING and SHARING and much less on HAVING AND DOING.

New Wilberforce is not about the politics of left or right but the politics of right and wrong. But, the time is now right for a moral renaissance of society based on the universal values of — Love, Truth, Justice and Freedom.

Our Vision is to Connect With Millions, Share Our Experience Strength and Hope and Build A Better World.

With profit the only measuring stick, damaging others as we take from them, ourselves by feeding our addiction (“retail therapy”) and destroying our planet is just built into the system. Enough is enough. As Robert Kennedy said as far back as 1963 — “GDP measures everything except what makes life worth living”

I agree with that.