OK, I told you so about HSBC

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It was in March 2008 that I called The Rev Stephen Green (as he then was) the biggest supplier of corruption services in the UK.

I took a risk at the time. I, of course, described him as such in his role as first CEO and then chair of HSBC.

I think I can now quite safely say in the light of today's revelations about his bank that I was right to describe him as such, in that role.

His bank is nw likely to be fined US$1 billion for misdemeanours during his management for which he must have ultimate responsibility.

So now, the reasoneable questions that logically follow.

1) How long can he remain a minister?

2) How long before he is removed from the House of Lords?

3) How long before he is questioned about HSBC's assistance for money launderers?