All aboard for Tax Justice

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I love this:

You can get your own Tax Justice bus here.

And as Christian Aid says of its campaign:

Our tax justice campaign has highlighted how developing countries lose $160bn every year - one-and-a-half-times what they receive in international aid.

Thanks to loopholes in the global financial system, money that could provide vital services like schools and hospitals, is being pocketed by unscrupulous companies.

Since we started speaking out on tax, the worldwide financial crisis has seen the issue become frontpage news.

Now people are connecting tax dodging with poverty and injustice both in the developing world - and also increasingly in the UK and Ireland.

Tax justice is the answer

From 24 August, we're joining forces with UK poverty campaigners Church Action on Poverty and heading out on the road across Britain and Ireland to bring people together in a bid to end this injustice at home and abroad.

You can find tour dates here. 

This is a bus you can't miss.