What do we want? A general anti-avoidance principle! When do want it? Now!

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A new Early Day Motion has been tabled in the House of Commons by Caroline Lucas and Jeremy Corbyn. It says:

General anti-tax avoidance principle

That this House notes and shares the public opposition to tax avoidance schemes like K2; believes that the Government should introduce a General Anti-Avoidance Principle to tackle tax avoidance, rather than a narrowly focused General Anti-Abuse Rule; further believes that unlike a narrow rule, a principle cannot be broken or circumvented by corporate lawyers or tax avoidance advisers; further believes that a principle, underpinned by a sensibly-financed HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)clearance system, would be attractive to both businesses and HMRC, by creating a level playing field for all businesses so that all pay their fair share, whilst bringing in tax revenue to HMRCthat would otherwise go unpaid; and therefore calls on the Government to legislate for a principle that any financial arrangements made by a company or individual should not have as their primary purposethe avoidance of tax.

Please encourage other MPs to sign.

And thanks to Caroline and Jeremy for taking the initiative on this vital issue.