They’re digging mines in Jersey …. or are they?

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I can't resist noting the following from the Jersey Evening Press this week (this bit not on line):

The Economic Development Minister said (speaking to 800 people at the Jersey enterprise awards ceremony) that over the last four years a total of 87 new companies had set up in the island, creating more than 900 job opportunities. Significantly, 90% of those jobs were for local people . He said that the island had already attracted inward investment businesses from a broad range of sectors including oil, gas and mining.

Wow: oil, gas and mining in Jersey? Their future is made!

Except hang on a minute: there is no oil, no gas and no mining in Jersey. No, these are oil, gas and mining companies seeking to divert their profits into tax havens. The companies in question do not, of course, pay any tax in Jersey.

Which is precisely why we need full country-by-country reporting to disclose this tax abuse.