Come on George, pull the other one

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So George Osborne wants to blame the Eurocrisis for problems in the UK? He's got to be kidding.

Way back in May 2010 (it seems so long ago) the newly elected George set out on a mission to the EU to persuade them that Gordon Brown had been wrong and that stimulus had to be stopped; austerity was the way forward. He found an audience - headed by Germany - willing to follow this new lead.

And now it's rocking Europe to its core.

Just as it's doing the same in the UK.

But Osborne can't now blame Europe for giving us a crisis because they have reasonable grounds for claiming he helped create the programmes that are destroying hope, employment and the chance to repay debt across the whole continent. So if anything, the blame is his to take, not to give.

Not that George - dedicated to his new Apps - iLied and iForgot - will ever acknowledge the fact.