The Brechtian view

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I've just noticed, in the light of what I have just written on Greece that my Green New Deal friend and colleague Colin Hies appears to have been in broadly similar mood in the FT on Saturday where the following letter from him appeared:

Sir, Perhaps it is time to paraphrase Bertolt Brecht in order to save Europe (“Time to end the arrogance of ‘Camerkozy’ economics”, Opinion, May 19). His original criticism of 1920s conventional morality towards the poor: “Grub first, then ethics” should be updated to “Growth first, then debt fix”.

Colin Hines, East Twickenham, Middx, UK

I hate to disagree with Colin (although he'd dissent - he thinks I do so, often) but I suggest that right now in the case of Greece the middle men need to be cut out of his thinking. The need is "Grub first, then debt fix".