Key assumptions in the Taxpayer’s Alliance tax report all say poverty is their aim

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I have only had time to scan the New Taxpayer's Alliance report on tax in the 21 Century, and will be in a conference all day today, but it is clear that key assumptions are:

1) Inequality not only does not matter, but inequality is good

2) Equality of opportunity is not really worth paying for - so there are limits to the value of education for all

3) Unemployment and other benefits are bad - people should be forced to work for whatever is available in wages

4) Most currently public services should be paid for

5) There is some reason for providing universal healthcare - but only some

6) Charity should replace benefits

7) Markets work - and externalities such as pollution, health and safety and catastrophic failure are not the business of government.

It's a horrdi world view.

It also makes the claim that the average family will be better off horribly untrue. This is a plan to deliver them to grinding poverty to support the rich.