Can the police, doctors, nurses and teachers all be wrong?

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According to the Guardian:

The home secretary is "on the precipice of destroying a police service that is admired throughout the world", the Police Federation will warn her when she addresses their annual conference.

The doctors think the same of Lansley.

As do nurses.

And teachers think that of Gove.

Can they all be wrong? I doubt it.

In that case is this cock up or conspiracy?

I'd say neither. The aim is to destroy these services so that they can be privatised. Big business in the UK may be sitting on £700 billion in cash it has no clue what to do with at present. It can see no investment opportunity for the money, on which as a result - as any saver knows - it is making remarkably little return. In the absence of any idea how to make that additional return big business wants to get its hands on the securest income stream in the UK - tax revenue - and it can do that by winning private contracts to delve public service.

Of course they'll provide a worse service than the state, and they'll suppress wages and pensions in the process: that's the business model they'll knowingly use. But they'll get rich and that's all they and the Tories care about.

In that case this is neither cock or nor conspiracy. It could be called a plan, but that would be kind to it. A heist might be the best description. It's the most massive theft of well being from the majority to feed corporate greed in the history of this country and the Tories, knowing they're a one term government and even trying to hide the fact.