Sometimes the Guardian shoots itself in the foot

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The Guardian generally has a good record on reporting tax.

Occasionally it shoots itself in the foot. Signing a tax haven deal with EMAP to avoid stamp duty was one such occasion. This mornings G2 feature on Ten Things you Need to Know About Tax is another.

The journalist responsible phoned me a coupole of weeks ago. I refused to take part in the article as all he wanted was tax avoidance ideas. And that's what the article delivers. There's comment from a tax avoider and  Judith Freedman from the Oxford Centre for Business Taxation - and that's it. It's banal, wrong, rude even (to Judith) and shoddy journalism that undermines the Guardian's position by providing hopeless misinformed commentary.

The only thing the journalist took from me - the cover title 'The Joy of Tax'. That's the book I'm working on now. Somehow I expected better, but it wasn't delivered on this occasion.