Why is Hollande going to live with Merkel?

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Francois Hollande is going to live with Angela Merkel and her absurd demands for austerity for the time being, I suggest.

That's going to please the right.

It's going to upset the left.

And there's good reason for his doing so.

She is the next leader of Europe to lose power. The Germans will force change in Germany. There's no reason for the French to do so, and every reason for them not to try to do so if it makes change less likely.

I don't think Hollande is a man who will take the risk of helping Merkel be re-elected.

We need growth now. But we need growth more next year than we need a continuation of German austerity. I think Hollande will bide his time. And he will be right to do so. The tide is turning. There's no point in trying to dam the flow now when the flood waters will deliver all he wants in due course.