The Church Times – as disappointing as expected on tax avoidance

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I mentioned the Church Times (a Church of England publication) and its publication of an extraordinary defence of tax avoidance by chartered accountant Simon McKie last week. I know of several responses having been submitted, but despite the fact that the editor claimed on this blog that the letters page is robust and open for comment just this letter got in:

Sir, – Simon McKie argues that tax-avoidance is not wrong (Comment, 27 April, a response to Niall Cooper, Comment, 16 March, and Paul Vallely, Comment, 20 April); but Nicholas Shaxson, in his seminal 2011 book, Treasure Islands, claims that, while technically legal, by definition it involves – like tax evasion – “getting around the intent of elected legislatures”.
He quotes Denis Healey: “the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion is the thickness of a prison wall,” and points out that “what is legal is not necessarily what is right: slavery and apartheid were both legal in their day.”
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It's a good letter.
But the failure to open the pages to further response confirms all I thought of the Church Times and its deep biases.