It’s a simple choice: mass unemployment and recession, or not

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The talk across all newspapers is that Cameron has said there is no change to this austerity programme. As an indication of how lame this government is on growth there's this from the Guardian's preview of the Queen's Speech:

The enterprise bill will also usher in the Green Investment Bank, which will not have powers to borrow until 2015 at the earliest, and then only if public debt is much lower.

Nothing, but nothing matters more to this government than these things:

  1. Supporting banks, and most especially bankers;
  2. Giving their friends, mainly in banks, access to as many government backed secure revenue streams as they can to provide private benefit to a few at public expense to the many in the future (the NHS privatisation being the perfect example);
  3. Making it easier to sack people;
  4. Making it easier to use tax havens, whether as individuals through Switzerland or as companies through tax haven treasury companies, with in both cases the aim being that the rich can opt out of society.

This is the Tory and Lib Dem choice.

No wonder people rejected it in the hope of a Labour alternative last week.