The overnight polls weren’t the only good news – yesterday’s vote at Aviva was good news too

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The overnight poll results are good news for anyone on the Left. Labour and Greens are winning.

But let's not ignore other results, from yesterday. As the Guardian reports:

Five major companies endured shareholder revolts over pay on Thursday — including insurer Aviva, which had its remuneration report voted down — in the latest sign that investors are taking a tough stance over underperforming companies.

Aviva's chief executive, Andrew Moss, faced repeated calls to step down after 54% of shareholders voted against its remuneration policies, making the insurer only the fourth FTSE 100 company — after Royal Bank of Scotland, Shell and GlaxoSmithKline — to have its pay rejected in the 10 years since a vote was introduced.

I won't count my chickens yet - but the increasing activism on this issue is enormously good news - and hats off to friends at Fair Pensions for the work they're doing to encourage this trend.

There's a curious link between this story and the polls too. Amazingly Norwich has now rejected all its Tory councillors. Aviva was, of course, once called Norwich Union. Us East Anglians know how to deliver a rebellion every now and again.