CBI hypocrisy

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Apologists for tax abuse were out in force at the CBI this week, and on this blog in the form of Mark Lee, commenting here. As I replied to Mark

"The CBI says secrecy is unacceptable — and define its absence as being a TIEA. France recently explained that despite the enormous problems of raising TIEA requests — the impediments to asking are enormous — it has done so about 200 times and in 70% of cases tax havens don’t reply. It’s pruse sophistry — gross misinformation — or blatant dissembling to say that’s transaprency — and you should know it.

It’s the same on the GAAR. As ARC point out, this is a deliberate propsoal by a man well known for his involvement in the tax avoidance industry to produce a plan that would stop SHIPS 2 and nothing else. In other words — it is an excuse to say anything  but the likes of  SHIPS 2 is legimtimate tax planning."

The claim by the CBI to oppose tax abuse is pure sophistry, and anyone with eyes to see can recognise that fact.