Tax and charities

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From the Guardian this morning:

It is disappointing for us as campaigners to see the short-term income needs of large charities taking precedence over our work to build a better society (Report, 13 April). A decent society should not have to depend on the largesse of the super-rich for its public services, cultural life or anti-poverty drive. Far from building accountability and democracy, philanthropy will only ever allow the funding of "pet projects".

Tax exemptions for the super-rich have helped foster inequality. The removal of such exemptions must form a small part of a wider quest for tax justice which would allow governments everywhere to provide public and cultural goods accountable to their societies. It is time for the sort of very large charities who will be effected by the proposed tax exemption measures to stand up and be counted: the changes you purport to want cannot come about through your endless expansion, but by economic justice. Will you support justice over charity, public over private, democracy or dependency?
Nick DeardenJubilee Debt Campaign
John ChristensenTax Justice Network

I agree, entirely.