Secret justice in the Isle of Man

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Secret justice is an issue in the UK this morning - and rightly so.

I got a note on the issue from the Isle of Man though that said:

You will be aware of the UK Government plans to allow civil hearings to be held in secret. The Isle of Man as good as has secret hearings now. Here, the day's court business is not available either online or in a display cabinet at the courts, as it is anywhere in the UK or indeed, I understand, the rest of the civilised western world. Even at court reception it can be like pulling teeth finding out where a case is being held, even if you are one of the parties.

There are various courts - we have half a dozen or so of various sizes - and some do have public galleries but these are usually empty other than for well publicised cases. On more than one occasion I have walked into a public gallery only for the judge to then announce an adjournemnt, much to the surprise of the lawyers present. The local press receive a part list each week which is very much subject to change anyway.

"Secret justice is no justice at all".

The Isle of Man is indeed a secrecy jurisdiction.

Now why doesn't that surprise me?