Think tank – and my own – funding

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George Monbiot has an article on think tank funding in the Guardian today. He rightly says that think tanks should disclose who is funding them. I agree.

I seek to disclose my funding sources on this blog. But for the sake of clarity I expect my main sources of funding this year to be, in the order of their significance:

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust - a Quaker foundation - for core funding on work related to tax and poverty.

The Task Force on Financial Integrity and Economic Development  - in turn funded by the Norwegian government in the main - for work on country-by-country reporting.

The Socialist group of MEPs in the EU parliament for services supplied relating to the tax gap.

The TUC for services supplied on a range of issues.

The Tax Justice Network for services supplied, mainly for editorial issues.

Other bits and pieces such as BBC appearance fees, odd articles and reimbursement of expenses.

I also have a small income as a practicing accountant.

I wonder when the Taxpayers' Alliance will be as transparent?