Comments – yet again

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I visited my father, who has been unwell, today and returned to moderate 21 comments on this blog.

I have rarely deleted so many - and apart from one gratuitously neoliberal / neocon comment from a person who is invariably deleted anyway have commented why in each case.

Might I remind those commenting though of some basic rules, all already in the comments policy? First, do not be gratuitously offensive, especially to other commentators.

Second, being offensive about anyone with left of centre views is a sure way to be deleted unless backed by argument - and that seemed beyond several commentators today.

Third, as I know (and acknowledge I have not always got right) issues like mental ill health need handling with care.

Fourth, calling me a communist because you claim to be a Guernsey politician (which claim is, I hope, bogus for the sake of Guernsey) is not a way to prove your credibility.

So please note the comments policy because I will not always be so generous in noting reasons for rejecting comments. I will just delete them and reserve this space for those who can debate rather more maturely.