HMRC is neither fair nor even handed

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This comes from the Parliamentary Accounts Committee report published this morning on HMRC:

The Department is not being even handed in its treatment of taxpayers. It is unfair that large companies can settle their tax disputes with the advice of professionals at less than the full amount due and that they have been allowed up to 10 years to pay their tax liabilities, while small businesses and individuals on tax credits are not allowed similar leeway. The Department has promised to look into the treatment of these groups of taxpayers in terms of its fairness and reasonableness. It should report back to us on any actions taken to address the wider policy or process issues identified as a result of its examination.

There has long been concern that this is the case.And it is absurd that the concern has been ignored, and even made into a matter of policy which favours big business.

It is time that the Board of HMRC was radically reshuffled to ensure that such favour, bias and unreasonable conduct cannot happen again.