When will we get discussion of the new financial architecture we need?

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The Euro just a week left to be saved.

The economy as we know it is under massive threat, and democracy with it.

And where is the discussion of the alternative economic agenda that has been the subject of so much comment here, and elsewhere, over the last few years?

Is a new economic architecture being considered?

Are the banks to now be c0nstrained?

Will tax havens be shut?

Is transaprency to become the watchword of accountability?

Is collecting tax due to become a key aim of government?

Is unitary taxation of mutinational companies now to happen so that profits are not hidden from view?

No, I've not hear mention of any of things.

In other words, no one is yet taking this crisis seriously. They're simply seeking to perpetuate the failed status quo.

Has it really got to get that much worse before our cowardly politicians accept that this is not an aberration but that the system itself has failed? I hope not. But it's looking like it, and that will be at countless cost to us all.