When silliness is a crime

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Last summer two youths said on Facebook that they and others should meet up to loot a shop.

They never did loot.

No one else met them.

They went to prison. For a considerable period.

Jeremy Clarkson on Tuesday said on national television that strikers should be shot in front of their families.

So far he hasn't been arrested, let alone charged with inciting the murder of 2 million people.

Who committed the bigger crime? Clarkson, by far.

Why has he got away with it? Because he's a mate of the Prime Minister who said it was just 'silly'.

Like the Bullingdon rioting, I guess?

This is a divided society. Clarkson reminds us that is so. And why we have to stop it. I remain of the view he should now be under arrest and that a case should be taken with all haste to bring him to justice. Because I don't think he was being silly. I think he was inciting violence. Deliberately. And for his own political ends, and those of his mate, David Cameron.

Welcome to the Nasty Party. They gave themselves the name. And it fits, perfectly.