State employees have to now pay for pensions that others get by right

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Today is a day of national strikes by public sector employees over their pension rights.

The average public sector pensioner gets a pension of £5,600 (median).

The average pension of a woman who worked for local authority is £2,600 pa

Basic old age pension is £102 a week or £5,300.

Pension poverty is defined as having less than £178 a week. £9,256 pa.

So in most cases those retiring on only a state pension from the private sector who have paid nothing get almost £4,000 a year in pension credits and other benefits from the state for which they have not paid a penny in contributuion.

But state employees have to pay all their lives for on average something little better.

And you call that a gold plated deal?


The reality is that public sector employees are paying in very many cases for what they could egt anyway without a pension scheme. Those complaining, please note. The subsidy is to the private sector here - paid for by state sector employees.

That's the reality of what is happening.

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