It’s class war – declared by Osborne

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That's what Polly Toynbee says today:

Class war, generation war, war against women, war between the regions: George Osborne's autumn statement blatantly declares itself for the few against the many. Gloves are off and gauntlets down, and the nasty party bares its teeth. Here is the re-toxified Tory party, the final curtain on David Cameron's electoral charade. No more crocodile tears for the poor, no more cant about social mobility or "the most family-friendly government" or "we're all in this together". Forget "vote blue go green", with this mockery of husky-hugging. Let the planet fry.

She's right.

As I've just said on air in Northern Ireland, whatever Osborne could do to make things worse, he has done.

He set out to use the downturn to destroy the public sector and all that most value in society.

And that is exactly what he is doing.

He is saying he doesn't care about the elderly, the poor, the unemployed, school leavers with no hope, those on low pay, the environment, the green belt anmd so much more.

All he cares about is exploiting labour so that profits grow.

And yes, that is class war. He declared it.