The EU say ‘get on with the new European Union Savings Tax Directive’

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As Europolitics reports:

In a surprise move, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso personally joined the combat the Union is trying to lead against tax evasion, on 28 September.

"It is not only financial institutions who should pay a fair share" of the costs of the financial crisis, he declared during his 'State of the Union' address to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. "We cannot afford to turn a blind eye to tax evasion."

Barroso hammered out the message that "it is time" for the 27 member states to agree on revision of the EU's savings taxation directive

Good news, and undoubtedly aimed at the UK and Germany - as well as at Luxembourg and Austria who are deliberately promoting tax evasion through their tax systems right now - just like the Swiss continue to do despite deals with the UK and Germany.

It's mood music I know.

But it's important mood music none the less.