No cut in Northern Ireland’s corporation tax rate for 4 years at least

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This is welcome news from the Press Association:

Any future cut to the corporation tax rate in Northern Ireland will have to wait for at least four years, Stormont's finance minister has indicated.

Sammy Wilson told MLAs he did not believe a reduction in the business levy, if one was made, would be implemented in the lifetime of the current Assembly.

The power-sharing administration is currently awaiting a Treasury decision on whether the power to set the rate will be devolved to Stormont.

I have been waging what might be called a pretty much one man campaign against such a cut from the safe distance of East Anglia and it looks like sense has prevailed and the cut will not happen.

I'll count that another success - because in four years this issue won't be near anyone's agenda. Game over, I say.

And now let's move on to stop Scotland committing the same folly.