Yes, I make mistakes

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It seems a matter of great delight to some in the Crown Dependencies that the EU has finally aproved their much altered tax systems.

As has been well known, I campaigned against these systems. And I think I can claim some small credit at the very least for forcing change in them, as I have in securing other change in the tax systems of the Isle of Man in particular.

But I did say, it's quite right, that there was a chance they might still be rejected. And they weren't, after some pretty heavy undertakings being given by the islands instead.

So you can say I was wrong, if you like.

So what? The person who never took a risk was never wrong. I take risks. So I'll get things wrong, sometimes.

I can live with that. It's the price I pay for effecting change. And I'll settle for the change plus the odd wrong prediction any day.

So telling me I'm wrong is a truism because it's inevitably correct. But I'll take it as a compliment because it means I might have impacted on you on the way, especially if you're in financial services or government in the Crown Dependencies. And that's what really matters in this case.