You can tell the right by their indifference to working people

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Obama proposed this deal last night:

The American Jobs Act includes $140bn for building roads, bridges and other major infrastructure projects that would put hundreds of thousands into work; $70bn in tax breaks for small businesses; tax credits for companies taking on military veterans; tax and training for the long-term jobless, and aid to states so that they do not have to lay off 280,000 teachers, as well as other workers. Infrastructure projects include repairing and modernising 35,000 schools.

The biggest expenditure, $175bn, is to put more money into the pockets of workers and their families through a 50% cut in payroll tax.

That's nothing like big enough to solve the USA's problems.

But kids will benefit.

Hundreds of thousands will have jobs.

Small employers will benefit.

This is a stimulus package.

And it will have a long term beneficial legacy.

But the Republicans shunned it.

That's because like the Tories in the UK they are utterly indifferent to the needs of real people. They don't want a strong economy. And the chaos of recession and depression is their opprtunity to dismantle the role of governemnt, and no doubt the role of democracy with it if they get their way.

Obama looks a forlorn figure in the US but God help America if they get a Republican president.