The Return of Fear – as a result of destroying the NHS

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Please watch the video with the above title available here this weekend

And realise just why we have to defeat the Health and Social Care Bill - even of it means relying on the House of Lords to do so.

As Keep Our NHS Public say:

The Return of Fear - a film by Anne-Marie Sweeney produced for Health Emergency and Keep Our NHS Public.

Giving reasons to be fearful, the film, graphically shows how Lansley's proposals, despite amendments, will vandalise the NHS and lead to "A Return of Fear".

A fear removed by Aneurin Bevan when the NHS was founded.

Acclaimed thinker on health policy, Professor Allyson Pollack joins with other leading health campaigners to show why we must rage now against these coalition plans, to avoid despair later.

The film shows the deadly parallels with other privatisations, especially the privatisation of elderly care.

It celebrates the exuberant resistance from the real "big society" as it unites to prevent assault from market forces on our vulnerable and sick.

"The Return of Fear" is essential viewing, the core values of the NHS, markers of a civilised society, face a shocking attack.

Please urgently forward the link, download the film and show it at meetings or get a DVD. For further info email: