Is the Tory plan to pull us out of the EU before the next election?

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The above suggestion has come up in the comments on this blog from Andrew Dickie - a man whose political antennaue seems sound to me.

As he puts it:

This could be Cameron’s masterstroke, since, with the gerrymandered boundaries and cut-down membership of the Commons, it would probably give the Tories a permanent majority, since many Labour voters, and all the UKIP, BNP and EDL voters would vote for a Tory party promising to withdraw from Europe.

Richard has consistently flagged up the fact that the Con-Dems (or at least the Tory part) are hell-bent on turning Britain into a tax haven; well, if they succeed, a large part of the reason for staying in the EU will vanish – what need of ‘trade’ with the EU, if we can rake in dosh by the shipload? – and indeed, the argument for leaving will be overwhelming, since we won’t need to be bothered by trifles such as EU regulation on tax disclosure, nor, indeed, in the valuable EU social legislation, deriving from the Social Pillar of EU thinking.

By 2014 the NHS will be in complete chaos - the new structure guarantees it. The BMA are now saying in this week's British Medical Journal that the structure alone guarantees chaos will prevail - with cuts as well mayhem is likely.

Unemployment will also have risen by then, maybe a lot, due to a steadily failing economy and Osborne will not change his plans even though the deficit will not have fallen because spending will have to rise.

Banks will have been bailed out again.

The Scots may be looking at leaving the Union.

But Cameron could blame all this on the EU. He'll say that unemployment is because the EU requires us to take migrant labour. And he'll say bank bailouts were the fault of the Euro. And he'll say that those bailouts will have stopped him tackling the deficit. And he'll say the NHS is a mess because EU law prevents old style 84 hour week doctor working.

So he'll say we'll leave and get a majority for the idea.

Implausible? I wouldn't discount it.

He may not, of course, do it because he does nothing he says he will. But it's a nightmare scenario that would, of course, herald tax haven UK.

The thought really cheered my evening.