Just deliberate red herrings?

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The government has done another U turn. First it supports the Field / Dorries abortion amendment. Now it does not.

There was a highly effective lobby on the issue targetted at MPs. The result is that victory at this stage can be claimed.

It was the same on the sell off of the Forestry Commission.

Now do not for a moment get me wrong: this is vital stuff. But just suppose for a moment the government is setting these issues up as decoys?

After all, they might think winning on destroying the NHS is worth a decoy loss on abortion. And preventing banking reform is worth losing on a few trees.

Are they that clever? Well I would be surprised, but let's not distracted is all I am saying. The big stuff is still going on. Democracy is being eroded. The NHS is being destroyed. Services are being undermined. The economy is in dire trouble and people' lives are being wrecked.

Winning skirmishes is good. The battle to preserve anything close to effective government on behalf of the people of this country is far from over.