The tyranny of democracy

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I come across the above phrase and others like it increasingly often these days. It is widely used in right wing libertarian commentary and increasingly openly as far as I can see and hear amongst Tories.

What it means is that democracy is at fault in imposing the wish of the majority who vote for parties who propose progressive taxation meaning that those with above average incomes pay more tax as a proprtion of their income than do those of lesser means. Since these people think all taxation is theft and say so often they consider this taxation to be tyranny.

Their solution is a simple one. They want the abolition of democracy and its replacement by rule by the market - represented by rule by wealth, of course.

It appears they are set on their way. When we can see abortion rights rolled back as a result of similar far right opinion do not doubt that moves to remove Labour seats and to undermine Labour funding aren't direct moves against the 'tyranny of democracy' by ensuring there is no opposition in the UK capable of funding an assault on the Tories.

Only a year or two ago I would not have believed this but having seen the straightforward far right obsession of many new Tory MPs and their total lack of concern about anything but serving the interests of wealth I have changed my mind.

Not only is the Nasty Party back (as described by Theresa May) but it's now moving on democracy itself.

Of couese they will deny it but the real question will not arise from addressing that denial. The real question is about how we are going to address this real tyranny that is threatening democracy itself.