Maybe some in the Isle of Man might now understood why I made a fuss

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It's only just over two months ago that an Isle of Man DJ said on Manx government owned radio:

In the Isle of Man we are like a family and we can squabble amongst ourselves but we don’t like it when other people throw rocks at us and there’s this bloke from this Tax Justice Network, Richard Murphy who is constantly having pops at the Isle of Man and the tax regime here to the point where we are all really rather bored of it to the point where we wish there was a wet ops department in the government that could go and take him out.

The reference to a “wet ops departnment” is to a KGB assassination unit.

Many in the Isle of Man thought I was making a fuss in pursuing what I thought to be incitement. Due to the inappropriate behaviour of the Isle of Man Today newspaper in holding an on line poll on the issue I dropped my police complaint.

I hope a few more might understand why I took the matter seriously now.

Such language was, and remains even more so now, utterly unacceptable.