Stephen Timms MP – one of the unsung heroes of country-by-country reporting

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It was good to see Stephen Timms MP in the House of Commons last evening at the launch of the PCS tax haven report.

Stephen had a question to ask on country-by-country reporting and its progress - and it gave me an opportunity to say publicly how grateful I was for the support Stephen had given to country-by-country reporting whilst he held office in the last government.

Without his support the OECD would not have taken this issue on.

Without his support the political realisation that the International Accounting Standards Board are intent on blocking the demands of society for corporate accountability would have taken longer to be understood by politicians throughout Europe.

He did a great job for country-by-country reporting and I'm delighted to acknowledge it.

It was also good to see hgim looking so well. Stepehn was, after all, the MP that a constituent tried to murder by stabbing him in the stomach about a year ago. It's good to see he's made a strong recovery.