In praise of the Guardian

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It's worth quietly noting this morning that when the Guardian first began its campaign to reveal corruption at the News of the World the Murdoch empire struck back, saying the Guardian was misleading the public.

It wasn't. It was undertaking absolutely vital, first class investigative journalism of corruption.

The world is in its debt today. I think that should be acknowledged.

Apparently it was, yesterday, by Rebekah Brookes: she explained to News of the World staff that the paper was to close because the Guardian had set out to get it. No it didn't. It set out to tackle corruption, expose breaches in the law and to uphold honesty in journalism. All the evidence is that Brookes knows nothing of such things but the Guardian does.

No paper is beyond criticism, but right now there is one paper that in the UK stands head and shoulders above the rest, and that's the Guardian.