Wednesday afternoon, 4pm, Palace of Westminster, for those who want a lively debate

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The All Party Parliamentary Group on Economics, Money and Banking cordially invites you to a panel discussion on

The Future of Political Economy


Richard Murphy, Blogger and author of ‘The Courageous State: Rethinking economics and the role of government’ (forthcoming, 2011)

Dr. Mark Pennington, Reader in Public Policy and Political Economy, Queen Mary University of London, author of ‘Robust Political Economy: Classical Liberalism and the Future of Public Policy’ (2011)

Jesse Norman MP, author of ‘The Big Society’ (2010)

Whose ideas will direct the future? Our three speakers are eminent spokespeople for specific traditions and experts in their fields.  Classical liberalism, the Big Society, and alternatives from the Left will all be discussed.

Committee Room 16, House of Commons

Wednesday 6 July 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.

Places are limited. Please rsvp to (essential)