Banking reform is still leaving us with a flawed system

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From tomorrow's Observer (but on line tonight):

The significant role that British banks are playing in the Greek financial crisis, as documented in the Observer last week, again highlights the crucial need for the Independent Commission on Banking (ICB) to provide recommendations that will ensure future financial stability.

Ring-fencing retail and investment banking through "Chinese walls", as endorsed by the chancellor, George Osborne, will not produce a banking system that is safe. If companies can continue to move capital between retail and investment banking, the latter could still endanger the former. As a first step, full separation of banking functions is needed to insulate the taxpayer against failure. Full separation would provide depositors with institutions they can trust.

Unlike the US, there has been no independent and systematic analysis of why the crash happened. The ICB has been unable to address issues fundamental to the creation of safe and useful banking. The ICB should call for a further process to correct a wide range of flaws in the financial system left untouched by its inquiry.

Adrian Sanders, Liberal Democrat MP,

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