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Tel Le Sueur, Tel Le Sueur, Tel Le Sueur!

Robin Hood (in reverse) strikes Jersey again. A fortnight after the Jersey government put GST (the Jersey form of VAT) up to 5%, hitting the poorest, the Jersey Council of Ministers have decided not to increase social security charges for those earning more than £44232 per annum. The JEP report starts off with the statement that this is because "the money is no longer needed"!!! Presumably that's because the poor have already paid

This in the same week that the rate of taxation on the very wealthy (the 120-odd people in residential category 1.1.k) has been reduced to - get this - 1%.

And the people of this island just shrug and go on voting for the accountants. How long O God, how long??


PS This is almost exactly an email sent to me by a Jersey resident whose name I will not publish for his / her own security's sake

For those not aware Terry Le Sueur is First Minister of Jersey