The shape of the economy to come

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Carol Wilcox,  a regular commentator on this blog,  has the following letter in the Financial Times this morning:

From Ms Carol Wilcox.

Recovery graphicSir, Two years ago in this newspaper Gillian Tett (“Recovery not as easy as U, V, W”, May 29 2009) conjectured that the recovery would look like the shorthand sign for “bank” (right). And look what has happened: a sharp downturn caused by the global financial crisis, followed by a gentle upturn when the Labour government introduced some useful stimulus and now a period of flatlining, which presumably will last until the coalition’s Plan A is abandoned.

Carol Wilcox,

Highcliffe, Dorset, UK

Looks like Gillian Tett was right.

And Carol is right to point it out - there, and  to draw it to my attention.