THe NHS – a model of efficiency and good management the Tories want to destroy

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Look at this graph:

Growth in Total Health Expenditure Per Capita, U.S. and Selected Countries, 1970-2008

Look who is at the bottom of this pile: the UK.

I picked up the graph from Mother Jones in the USA and as they note:

The chart [actually] comes from the Kaiser Family Foundation, and it shows the growth in healthcare expenditures in five selected countries over the past 40 years. The United States, of course, has the highest spending, but it also has the highest growth rate.

The Kaiser Family Foundation also has this graph:

Total Health Expenditure per Capita  and GDP per Capita, US and Selected Countries, 2008

That shows strong increases in spending in the UK.

But of the five selected countries we were still the lowest spending nation.

And we're lower than OECD average.

Despite that health care outcomes are on track on the UK now to be at at least OECD average rates.

For most in the UK they're much better than outcomes in the US.

That's amazing since we've always seriously underspent on health:

Total Health Expenditures as a Share of GDP, Per Capita Spending in US Dollars and PPP adjusted

Of course there's an easy explanation as to how we've managed to get away with such low spending. First, it's been well spent. Second, because health care has been state run it's been efficient. Third, our primary care system has massively reduced our cost of secondary care compared to places like France - who have got this seriously wrong. Fourth, we might have had to spend more, but that was catch up. And also, regrettably, wasted on introducing market mechanisms.

There are lessons to be learned from this.

First we need to eliminate those wasteful market mechanisms.

second, we need to ensure we maintain state control of health care in the UK.

Third, we need to reinforce the integration of primary and secondary care in this country, rather then divide and separate them.

Fourth, we need to be seriously proud of what we've done and sing its praises.

None of which the government is doing.

They are copying the US model - the epitome of waste and inefficiency.

There's only one explanation - they want to help their friends make money - paid for in four ways. First, by giving them the benefit of your taxes. second, by selling them the NHS at an undervalue. Third, by forcing you to pay additional fees because they'll be cutting what the NHS does for you, even though you'll pay more for it.

That's the Tory approach to health care.

Remember that on 5 May. Local councillors will have a big say in the future of the NHS, and Conservatives will screw you if you give them a chance.

Don't give them the opportunity is my suggestion.