I’m sure there must be a way of reconciling these comments

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HMRC bosses were before the Treasury Committee this afternoon.

As AP report HMRC chair Mike Clasper said:

"The area where we have our biggest challenge is that people want to contact us by phone. I'm not happy with the service we have been providing. Our contact centres have been overwhelmed by the number of calls we have had to deal with, dealing with these eight years instead of three years."

They add:

But Mr Clasper denied that the problems were a result of HMRC having its staff numbers cut from 92,000 to 69,000.

Cutting out 23.000 people doesn;t make it harder to find someone to answer the phone? Come on, pull the other one.

As Graham Black of ARC has said, this is from the economics of the playground. Why won't these people admit it? They need more people and the tax yield will rocket.