This is not just nuclear melt down – it’s the next world financial crisis too

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A nuclear power plant in Japan is failing - part has already exploded. The melt down of the core is being discussed.

It's been my nightmare since realising the folly of Sizewell and nuclear power as a teenager living in Suffolk.

If that melt down happens - and I sincerely hope it does not - then we're not just heading for one of the biggest ecological disasters in human history. We're also heading for a massive humanitarian disaster. And if Tokyo is as disrupted as I fear - it being only 200 miles or so a way, we face potential global financial melt down.

If there is no one to deal wih the counter party to debts in a global financial system it stops. Banks can't work through that.

Don't think nuclear melt down in Japan is some minor issue.

It's massive. For the world.

I am very, very worried.

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