A rest from the insanity of the day – reading Common Wealth by Martin Large

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It's felt like an insane day.

Jersey and the Isle of Man opt to impose further cost on their populations to fuel tax abuse.

A UK minister urges Northern Ireland to be a tax haven.

Toby Young proves just how incapable the right are of justifying their tax abuse.

The economic news is of recession as the neoliberal maniacs demand interest rate rises that can only deliver double dip recession, or worse.

I need a rest from this madness - for that is what it seems to be.

To touch a little sanity I'm reading 'Common Wealth' by Martin Large - a leading light in the Stroud Common Wealth in Gloucestershire. As the blurb says of the book:

Just when 'the market' nearly took over all areas of life, the credit, climate and democratic crunches came along, challenging us to rebuild a society that works well for all. Common Wealth asks, 'How can we build a more free, equal, mutual and sustainable society?'

We know that we don't want a 'market state'. This turns our public services into businesses, uses relentless surveillance to secure compliance, destroys the planet for corporate growth and widens inequality. However, tripolar society is emerging as an alternative, where civil society, government and business push back the market, and work in partnership for the common good.

The cover image is brilliant:


I know there will be those who say the book is idealistic, unrealistic, futuristic, and more.

And that's what we need, I think, precisely as what we have is so insane. Because whilst I am sure I will not agree with every word Martin Large writes you get a profound belief in his sanity when reading this book, and the wisdom of what he is looking for.

Thanks Martin. That's just what I needed tonight.