When Manx Radio delivers the news

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I was a little suprised to read this on Manx Radio's web site (which was a very long night as a result of train problems):

A pressure group is planning to invite one of the Manx government's fiercest critics to a public meeting.

Last night (Monday) the Positive Action Group heard Rushen MHK Juan Watterson describe the mechanics of the upcoming budget, which is being seen as one of the most important in recent history.

PAG chairman Roger Tomlinson then asked whether there would be an audience should Richard Murphy, whose taxresearch.org.uk website consistently attacks offshore jurisdictions and their tax systems, be invited to a meeting.

I'm told the answer was a very strong "yes" - because I've now had the invitation!

And yes - I am considering it.

But I admit the means of initial delivery did surprise me!